Street Wise

Street Wise is subcontracted to The Gathering House Church to run and operate the café jobs training program on our site. Street Wise is an ongoing, independent non-profit, organized to aid and assist the homeless, poor, marginalized, and underprivileged in order to enhance and support biblical Christian principles for living so that hope, meaning and purpose can be re-established in their lives. We do this through running a jobs training café, making free meals, supplying necessary items to raise the quality of living, teaching, education, training, counsel and friendship.

Tonia Bryceson is the Director of Street Wise. Her background has been in administration and business hospitality but in the fall of 2009 she took on a role planning and serving a weekly hot meal for 150 homeless and street people, eventually leading to the founding of Street Wise. When First Covenant Church relocated to the Garland Business District, Street Wise was contracted by the church to run the jobs training coffee shop within the new building. Tonia uses her administrative skills and hospitality gifts to train and develop people who need a second chance or a restart in life. She loves how God has directed her life into this new opportunity to bring hope and change to others.

You can find out more about Street Wise at their website.